Sunday School

Sunday School

Fall 2023

Adult Sunday School

These multi-generational classes allow adults in a variety of stages of life to come together weekly to study God's Word and gain practical applications to use in their daily lives. Each quarter Berea is pleased to offer "electives" which allow adults to choose a course of most interest to them. There is no need to register children this semester; classrooms are all ready for them.

There are two Adult Sunday School options for the 2023 Fall Quarter:

“Identity: Life in Christ” A Study in Ephesians   Teacher: Mark Gainer

As believers, our identity is wrapped up in Christ. This course expounds on that essential truth and helps participants better understand how to live it out each day. Learners will grow in their appreciation of God's grace and be better equipped to meet His purpose for their “new” lives in Christ.

Pillars of the Faith Teacher: Mike Greenwood

We often study characters from the Bible and learn how God worked in their lives in both the Old Testament and the early Church. This class will focus on modern pillars of the faith and what we can learn from them. We will study individuals like Martin Luther, D.L. Moody, and Billy Graham and understand how God used them in a great way to continue His ministry. What can we learn from their spiritual journey and how can God use us in a similar way?

Click HERE to see the full Christian Education Ministry Guide.

Children’s Sunday School

There is no need to register children this semester; classrooms are all ready for them.

Nursery: Infant to 2 Years Old - Our workers are trained to provide a safe, loving, and secure environment for all children.  We provide both a secure and sanitary nursery in order to allow parents to give their full attention toward worshiping and serving Berea.

Toddlers: 2 and 3 Year Olds - Taught by Elizabeth Kitchen. Our toddlers will learn that obedience pleases God, that God provides for us, and that we should thank God. The children will be encouraged to obey and to give thanks.

Beginners: 4 and 5 Year Olds (Kindergarten) - Taught by Lara Gainer. Our “Beginners” will learn to be selfless and loving as they study Ruth and Hannah. Through their studies of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon, they will learn to be devoted to God, courageous for the Lord, forgiving, and kind to others, even to enemies. 

Primary: 1st and 2nd Grade Taught by Jeannette Miller. First and second graders will learn who Jesus is through the accounts of His baptism and transfiguration, and several other miracles. The children will learn to love Jesus and desire to know Him more. 

Middlers: 3rd and 4th Grade - Taught by Ellen Williams. Third and fourth graders will be learning about the different names of God and His character revealed through them.

Juniors: 5th and 6th Grade - Taught by Victoria Greenwood. Junior students will study David's heart through his psalms and Solomon's wisdom through his proverbs. The psalms will teach students God's love and care for them. The proverbs will teach them God's wisdom for life's decisions and challenges. 

Junior High/High School: Grades 7-12 - Taught by Justin Schlatmann. This quarter, Berea’s youth group will be doing a study through the book of James. James is a very practical book for Christian living that lays out how we are to live as Christians. Students will explore the major themes of the book: our hope as Christians, what genuine faith is, and what it means to serve one another.

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Registration closed on Tuesday, September 12, 2023