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September 3,2021 - Acts 24:1- 27

Truth or Consequences was a television show that ran for years with a great deal of laughter and lighthearted comedy for and to the contestants. As the guests answered questions, they would have to face the consequences if they were wrong. Consequences are a part of our life as we make decisions but not all are funny or lighthearted.

Paul is in jail for the accusations brought against him by the Jews. For five days he sat in jail awaiting the arrival of Ananias, the high priest, and his entourage to present the indictments against Paul to Felix the governor. They also brought with them a skilled orator to present the case and cast Paul in a negative manner.

When Paul was enabled to speak, his version of the incident was more in depth. Paul’s main defense was that Jewish prosecutors were accusing him on both false and unfounded pretenses. He mentioned they had no witnesses, and if they did, they should be present to testify before Felix. The governor was knowledgeable of the Christian sect and adjourned the meeting and then later called Paul back to have him speak privately with he and his wife. Felix wanted to be paid a bribe so he could release Paul (v.26). This continued for two years.

Seemingly unfortunate, this led to Paul being hindered from traveling and proclaiming the gospel freely. The result was, Paul was forced to sit quietly, pray, meditate, and write to churches and individuals who had freedoms to speak and travel. The truth was not hindered even though the messenger was stationary and restricted.

There are times when we desire to move freely and spread the gospel but because of health issues, Covid restrictions, quarantines, and travel mandates, the freedoms we once enjoyed are limited. What will we do with the time we have that suddenly is freed up for us? Like Paul may we choose to use that time constructively with study, meditation, letters to loved ones or conversations with those we are quarantined with together. Do not let the consequences or restrictions hinder us from the work God has called us to accomplish for Him!

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