Daily Hope

September 10, 2021 - Acts 27:1-12

Taking a trip can be exciting and full of adventure as we pack our suitcases, load the car, and head for the destination. Our family has been on several trips and fortunately we have not experienced a devastating accident or been marooned for longer than a night because of trouble or weather. We are grateful for that safety and recognize God’s protection.

Paul had been told both by the Lord (23:11) and Festus (25:12) that he would go to Rome and stand before Caesar. Now began the trip that would bring him to Rome and allow Paul to share the message of Christ to the Roman authorities. God’s promises are always kept, sometimes in unusual ways and, and at times, through less-than-ideal conditions. Paul was loaded onto a ship that was headed west toward Italy and began the long process of sailing the Mediterranean Sea. In a variety of times, Paul had spent many days aboard a ship and was well aware of the travel difficulties they could face late in the shipping season.

Roman soldiers guarded their prisoners closely and often formed relationships with them over a time period due to their close association. Paul apparently had opportunity to speak and give input into the decision affecting all the people on board. Perhaps it was his Roman citizenship or his personality that drew people to seek Paul out and allowed him to offer helpful advice (v.10). Even though his words of warning were not heeded, Paul was involved in the decision-making process.

Regardless of the position you are currently placed, God can use you to speak truths that people need to hear. Your position does not impede you from the opportunities to bring information and expertise to a critical situation. Whether you are an employer, employee, passenger, or a passerby, God may place you in a position where you can be used to present His wisdom and message to those in need.

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