Daily Hope

July 12, 2021 - Acts 9:1-19

Receiving Christ as your Savior is a personal experience that varies with everyone. For some it is an emotional time filled with tears, sorrow and a sense of cleansing. For others, it is a time of quietness with little emotion. But for all, it becomes a turning point in their lives as they place their trust in Jesus Christ! In this chapter, we encounter one of the greatest supernatural conversions in Acts.

Saul, a young Pharisee was present at the stoning of Stephen and was in complete agreement with his death. After witnessing this scene in Jerusalem, this defender of Jewish ritualistic law began a siege of terror on the believers in and around Judea.

Before Saul turns north toward Damascus, he seeks permission and then given letters from the authorities in Jerusalem to arrest and return individuals for trial. As he travels toward Damascus, he is suddenly confronted by a bright light that blinds him and confounds those traveling with him. Out of the light, a voice speaks and Christ challenges Saul to cease persecuting Him. The encounter so changes Saul’s outlook that he asks, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” (v.6).

When the Lord becomes real in individuals lives the natural response is to question how we can follow Him. The Lord had a plan for Saul (v.15) and He has a plan for us as well. We may not have a Damascus Road experience but we can be certain that when the Lord speaks to us and we respond, He is preparing us to do a work for Him.

People will enter our lives and give instructions and assistance for a period of time but the Lord’s command is what we are to follow going forward. Like Saul, spending time with the Lord, being obedient and listening to mature believers, places us in a position to be used by the Lord. The Lord uses circumstances and events to get our attention to prepare us for His purposes! Do not miss the opportunities that He will extend to us today!

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