Daily Hope

July 16, 2021 - Acts 10:24-48

Hebrews 13:2 states that we unwittingly entertain angels as we follow Him. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to individuals' needs is vitally important in God's work. Since the Spirit knows each of our needs, He can bring people together to assist and enable the work of God to move forward in our lives. Physical and spiritual needs are met as we respond to the Holy Spirit's direction.

Peter and Cornelius had both received directions from God. As both were obedient, the Holy Spirit directed them, and many lives were impacted. In anticipation for the arrival of Peter, Cornelius had brought together many of his family and friends to hear what God would say through Peter (v.24). This demonstration of faith showed that God would accomplish all He had promised.

Peter's obedience and faith was demonstrated by making the journey and breaking Jewish law to meet with the Gentile seekers (v.28). Peter presented the simple plan of salvation to those hearers whom God had assembled. He spoke a short, pointed message of God's work in raising Jesus from the dead and stated Christ's command to preach this message to the people (v.42). Up to this point, Peter understood "people" to be the Jews. He had exclusively worked to tell the Jewish nation of God's redeeming work for them. By agreeing to speak to Gentiles, Peter demonstrated his understanding of the vision and the command God had given him four days earlier (v.30). God's desire for "people" was to include all nations not just the Jewish nation.

A vision that earlier had been confusing and seemingly unscriptural became mightily unveiled as the Holy Spirit fell upon these Gentiles who were listening. Such an astonishing event transpired, that Peter immediately requested these new believers be baptized.

The work of the Holy Spirit is difficult to understand as He moves pieces and people to accomplish His purposes. Being one of those pieces, we often cannot see the other parts that are in motion until the project is revealed and comes together. As the Lord works, be slow to judge, pray frequently and be open to what He is doing even when it does not appear to make sense. If it is His work, He will show Himself in due time.

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